Burke-Macgregor Group LLC is a strategic alliance that brings together expansive corporate and military expertise that can be readily applied to…

      Concept development

                  Organizational change and innovation

                                 Rapid acquisition

                                                Transition planning and

                                                                Execution of rapid prototyping and change


                                              … in support of National Security missions and objectives

          Our business model focuses on identifying, matching and ensuring the successful employment of solutions that work:

ü  Inclusive of material, manpower, training, policy, lifecycle costs and organizational components

ü  Developed and executed as an integrated package

ü  Address critical National Security needs

          Burke-Macgregor Group provides a portfolio of targeted services which bring national security customers, congress, and industry together through informed decision support and capability/solution incubation …


          Products and Services

ü  Strategic and International Affairs Analysis

ü  National Security Consulting

ü  Advocacy

ü  Market Analysis